Glorious life

“We will be buried one day, so let’s mount to the success, raise our spirit, before getting entombed underneath the earth…..”

©Sangeeta Nautiyal


The wind has become rebellious



My city’s breeze is restless today, making the whole city uneasy,
May be she went by touching my soul,
The rebellious smell of my soul has dissolved in it,
Which is throttling to frivolous minded society,
They are trying to shut their doors, their minds, their souls but can’t escape,
My demanding mind has become an arrow to them which is pricking them hardly,
The demand of my rights, my freedom, my own existence,
They stare me as though I am an unwanted element of society,
Not from today but since ages,
My voice is deafening to them they are not used to it,
Now I’v become kind of spring,
The more you suppress it, the high it will go,
They have suppressed us quite enough,
Now times to go up,
The breeze should flow continuously,
Let’s make it never stop..
let this breeze flow, let the misconceptions of society suffocate before the humanity get choked by them….

©Sangeeta Nautiyal

Never give up

The story of countless conflicts of life

Depicts that haggered tree..

Begging another opportunity,

tempting from surrounded greenery…

As if a goner in the hope of one more breath

Is standing up to now,

has turned to stubborn..

In the desire of another spring

with countless seasons he has fought..

As though an old father preaching his posterity about immutable hope..

Never give up! Never give up! Whatever the season…… whatever the reason

©Sangeeta Nautiyal