Never give up

The story of countless conflicts of life

Depicts that haggered tree..

Begging another opportunity,

tempting from surrounded greenery…

As if a goner in the hope of one more breath

Is standing up to now,

has turned to stubborn..

In the desire of another spring

with countless seasons he has fought..

As though an old father preaching his posterity about immutable hope..

Never give up! Never give up! Whatever the season…… whatever the reason

©Sangeeta Nautiyal



Pc- Pinterest

Do you remember that we had sowed a plant in our garden
Come and see it has blessed with fruits
Some sour and some sweet
This is the outcome of it’s long years’ Penance
Burning summers, ruthless monsoons, and freezing winters
That much it suffered
It was entitled to get the fruitage

But what about the plant I sowed
The plant of hope
I didn’t get the fruitage so far
Don’t have any clue
Till when it would have to burn
And how many nights it will be agonized
Don’t know when it will get the outcome of penance

May be never
May be I sowed the bushes of acacia
May be I sowed a wrong seed
Or an unfair hope

Mother Earth

Pic courtesy- Pinterest

It’s human’s nature that the things that have a great significance in his life he always takes them for granted whether it is about the relationship or about the natural resources.

She nurtured us and blessed us with no dearth,

In the verge of Destruction is our Mother Earth,

We take her for granted and put her on stake,

She does everything for our sake,

She puts us forth by gifting her resource,

we pollute her soul and heart with no remorse,

Her great blessings are Air, water and soil,

They are always being destroyed and spoil…

©Sangeeta Nautiyal

Essence of Dreams and Hopes

Dark sky is such as my heart’s canvas and the moon and stars are like someone has sprayed my dreams and hopes over there. However, they are shattered but still they are dreams and hopes, who used to fill my heart with their brightness and still do. Because the things connected to your existence never loose their importance and essence whether they are fulfilled or shattered. And their charm can be seen in my words.

-©Sangeeta Nautiyal