Random thoughts

“I don’t want to be judgemental about my feelings whether they are right or wrong, till they don’t harm anyone, till they solace my wounded heart. May be it feels like sin, but killing those peaceful moments that want to cuddle your fevered soul is enormity. And those peaceful moments are whenever I talk to you”

©Sangeeta Nautiyal


Glorious life

“We will be buried one day, so let’s mount to the success, raise our spirit, before getting entombed underneath the earth…..”

©Sangeeta Nautiyal

#A secret journal to My Dear self

My Dear self

When you encounter hypocrisy and lack of trust in the milieu you live in, then it’s natural to feel fade-up, even with your most trustworthy people. Thereat the whole world seems fabled, though it’s not logical. Just as all fingers don’t hold the same length, alike every persons living in your circle doesn’t hold the same attitude towards you, so it’s not fair to judge everyone with same perspective. You know! life is colourful with the merge of darkness and brightness of life. Indeed, darkness the need of the hour to pick out companions like stars. So, whenever you feel the darkness around you, just focus your heart to those stars who are your true mates and illumine the black of your life.

Yours truly


©Sangeeta Nautiyal

My Idol

Who else can break you to show adulteration in your tries??
It was ‘failure’ as ‘My idol’ when I keenly scrutinized.

It was the only one I have been headed by,
Ever since started to go for my aspirations’ fly

It shook off the dust from the mirror of my notions,
It oft exculpated the path of my promotions.

It is the best teacher I could ever have,
They worth millions the experiences it gave.

Whenever, I fell upon it’s dolorous lappet,
It kept burning me till the light of success.

It sharpened the hatchet of my intents with adamant ethos,
To root out the dark wood of maze and shattering sorrows.

I discerned the beacon that dwelles within my innermost core,
Each bit of hope was seeping through the cleavage of it’s sore

Every time, just before that the conquest got to my head,
It stood beside me to remind of my shred.

With each and every inch of shoot-up of success,
It keeps fasten my roots to the soil of meekness.

I feel fortunate of it’s entity beside my Triump,
Which never let me loose my moral brim.

©Sangeeta Nautiyal

The wind has become rebellious



My city’s breeze is restless today, making the whole city uneasy,
May be she went by touching my soul,
The rebellious smell of my soul has dissolved in it,
Which is throttling to frivolous minded society,
They are trying to shut their doors, their minds, their souls but can’t escape,
My demanding mind has become an arrow to them which is pricking them hardly,
The demand of my rights, my freedom, my own existence,
They stare me as though I am an unwanted element of society,
Not from today but since ages,
My voice is deafening to them they are not used to it,
Now I’v become kind of spring,
The more you suppress it, the high it will go,
They have suppressed us quite enough,
Now times to go up,
The breeze should flow continuously,
Let’s make it never stop..
let this breeze flow, let the misconceptions of society suffocate before the humanity get choked by them….

©Sangeeta Nautiyal